Open Source Contributions

Hidden Waffle

Hidden Waffle is a small open-source initiative. This is a set of classes which makes writing test-cases with Selenium an extremely pleasant experience. It contains extendable set of base classes containing rich functionality and a runner, which can be used to write any type of test execution scenario and environment.

Low cost solution for small-sized teams for automated testing.

A practical implementation can be:

  • Setup a private GIT repository & start composing test cases
  • Setup a low-cost AWS EC2 Server & configure it to pull latest code from repository, compile it and execute test cases
  • Upon completion, send out an email to interested team
  • Once completed, shutdown the server to save bill
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CSProxy is high performance socket proxy class written in C#. It is an ideal candidate for implementing load-balancing for custom socket based applications. Currently it implements round-robin distribution algorithm. It supports node health monitoring, hot-addition/removal of nodes, reattempt to register bad-nodes and custom stat collection for logging.

It is known to pass over 1M requests to 20 nodes with under 20MB footprint.