About F#

F# is a leading digital music advertising platform, which build rewarding music-powered ad experiences that drive some of the highest engagement rates in the industry. It is highly robust, cost effective and cloud based application. The world’s leading brands, record labels, and streaming service providers partner with F# to create smart, beautiful, and memorable ad experiences – all powered by the music their users love.

F#'s solutions allow leading brands (e.g., Coca-Cola, P&G, Microsoft, at&t, Yum Brands etc.) to easily integrate streaming music into high-impact, multi-screen advertising experiences.


We are responsible for Design, Development and Maintaining the Technology Platform for F# advertisement executions primarily targeting Spotify. This involves creating socially aware advertisement applications, micro & mobile websites & apps.

Moreover, the development of highly scalable fail safe, REST based application infrastructure and Spotify wrappers are some of the technical challenges that it includes.

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Technology Context

PHP, MySQL, ASP .NET, Fastly, HTML5, JQuery, LibSpotify, Last.fm, ROVI, Moodagent, AWS – EC2, ELB, S3


Challenges & Facts

Hosting infrastructure, achieve highest availability

Designed, built & operating a robust infrastructure based on AWS & Fastly for serving applications 24X7 across the four continents (highest load – 400K impressions per minute, costs under $10K/m).

Integrate F# applications with Spotify

Developed custom load-balancer for LibSpotify (C based Spotify Client API) – over 1M playlists created, 50M+ tracks manipulated – 99.99% Up-time.

CMS; managing app content managed across globe

Developed custom CMS for applications accompanied with a static asset-parser to extract verbiage and post to CMS, single point content management for globally deployed applications.

Build system

Developed custom build system integrated with AWS, Cloudfront, Bitbucket, Bits on the run (Video CDN) & Fastly.

Improve performance for complex algorithms

Custom proxy for remote API calls (Facebook, Spotify, Last.fm, ROVI etc.) for improved response times and lower data-costs. Developed high performance multi-threaded data harvest system for remote API’s (e.g. Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, Last.fm, ROVI).

Automate daily BAT, ensure healthy apps

Developed a custom test automation framework based on Selenium. Automated system wakes up after specific intervals, pulls latest test-code from GIT, compiles and executes the tests. Writing test-case is extremely easy.

24X7 support

We have established procedures introducing redundant channels of communication to escalate fires. No fire has ever gone unattended due to time-zone or overseas reasons.

Setup best practices

We have setup a set of best practices, tools and services using which a typical campaign execution time has been reduced to 25% of original. This setup includes documenting the practices along with the key areas of engineering practices.


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