• Software Development Tools

    Microsoft .NET, ASP .NET, ASP .NET MVC, PHP, Zend, Code Igniter, Cake-PHP, JQuery, HTML 5, Microsoft Office Plugin Development, Facebook Application Integration,
    Spotify (both libspotify & Spotify apps yep!)

    Open-Source Software Customization

    Drupal, Joomla, Word-press, Magento


    Red 5 Media Server, Microsoft Health Vault, Amazon AWS

    Creative Services

    Adobe Photo Shop, Illustrator, Flash, JQuery

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  • Bespoke Development

    We employee our team to develop custom software to meet your IT related demands in areas ranging from website design and development to business process automation. We have highly experienced individuals who have expertise in all modern tools and technologies and can produce robust and reliable solutions within deadlines.

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  • System Analysis and Design

    We employee our system analysts to work with primary stake holders and sketch application requirements and can propose a software meeting the requirements of IT implementation. They can also perform GAP analysis while considering any existing implementation or off-the-shelf solutions which can potentially assist in IT implementation.

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  • Application Architecture Design

    We employee our application architects to understand the functional and non-functional requirements of software and realize it in terms of design documents, code libraries or stubs. They can also assist development by identifying basic application frameworks.

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  • Quality Assurance / Testing Services

    We employee our quality assurance team to understand the application requirements and to create test cases. They can also execute these test cases and can assist remote development teams in identifying potential bugs. Our testing team also possess experience of using automated testing tools and can work closely with remote/in-house development teams to stress test/benchmark and application on multiple platforms.

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  • Our experienced Application Architects and Project Managers are able to provide online consultancy in following areas:

    // Software Process Reengineering
    // Business Process Alignment
    // Project Management
    // Enterprise Application Integration
    // Tool / Technology Migration – Study, change proposal
    // Independent Application Reviews / Assessment of following areas:

    // Architecture, database, code, application security
    // Competitor/Technology migration GAP analysis

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  • F# - Advertisement Platform for Spotify

    GrayMath is technology partner with F#. We are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the technology platform for F# advertisement executions targetting Spotify. This involves building socially aware advertisement applications and micro websites.

    F# advertisement platform is highly robust and cloud based application which is a key ingredient for delivering advertisements.

    Technical challenges include development of highly scalable fail safe, REST based application infrastructure and Spotify wrappers.

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  • Merritts Consulting Group

    GrayMath assists Merritts Consulting Group in executing its open-source bespoke software customization and implementations. Under its umberalla, GrayMath has provided over one dozen customizations and implementations of Wordpress, Drupal & Magento.

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  • Solutions 4 Health

    Online NHS Stop Smoking service – allows clients to schedule an appointment for consultation with expert advisors. Advisors can assist customers using web-based Video/Voice/Text communication. This application allows the users to store health related information in Microsoft Health Vault.

    This project use Red 5 and flash to deliver video, audio and text chats.

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  • Filocity LLC.

    Filocity is online document management software utilizing online cloud storage where customers can organize and store their documents in one secure online file management system.

    This application suite also includes Microsoft Office Plugin and Windows Desktop based client supporting automatic synchronization of files and folders.
    Product features can be viewed at: www.filocity.com/feature/online-document-management

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  • Converdians, Inc.

    GrayMath assists Converdians Inc. in executing its Microsoft based bespoke software development and implementations. We have provided over 6000 hours of development and fire fighting services.

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