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Extreme programming, consultancy & fire-fighting

We are a technology company with expertise in Computer Software development. We help technology startups in spawning and growing. Currently we are a part of
three technology startups around the world & provide fanatic services. With the combination of knowledge, effective usage of modern technologies,
good judgment and experience; we help all types of businesses.
Writing beautiful code is certainly fun!

Software Development

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Social Applications

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Amazon Web Services & Rackspace

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Spotify Apps & Libspotify

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Services at glance

At GrayMath, we use a well-defined development process based on the nature of the project domain, client business model and specific technology needs. We ensure smooth and streamlined key process areas that include – Requirements Analysis, Development, QA & Testing, Configuration Management, Deployment and Support.

We have acquired strong experience in use of agile development methodology and work closely with client in developing rapid prototypes and thus helping him visualizing the product.

We specialize in the following practice areas:

  • Bespoke Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Architecture & Infrastructure Design
  • Quality Assurance & Testing Services
  • Consultancy & Firefighting
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Amazon Web Services & Rackspace
  • Facebook Platform Applications
  • Spotify & Libspotify

Case Study \\ F#

GrayMath is technology contractor with F#.

F# is a leading digital music advertising platform, which build rewarding music-powered ad experiences that drive some of the highest engagement rates in the industry. It is highly robust, cost effective and cloud based application. The world’s leading brands, record labels, and streaming service providers partner with F# to create smart, beautiful, and memorable ad experiences – all powered by the music their users love.

We are responsible for Design, Development and Maintaining the Technology Platform for F# advertisement executions primarily targeting Spotify. This involves creating socially aware advertisement applications and micro websites.

Moreover, the development of highly scalable fail safe, REST based application infrastructure and Spotify wrappers are some of the technical challenges that it includes.

Service highlights:

  • Process & Project Management
  • JIRA, Tempo
  • Confluence
  • MS Project
  • Quality Assurance
  • Round the Clock Support
  • HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery
  • PHP, Zend, C#, ASP .NET MVC
  • Amazon Web Services
  • BOTR, Fastly
  • Libspotify, Rovi, Moodagent, Last.fm
  • Selenium Test Automation
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